G. W. Colkitto


Dead amidst the Daffodil                      2007       Out of print

                                                          2013      available on Amazon as e-book

Time Piece                                          2007       

Poetry Pamphlet                  

Conversations with a Ghost                 2009       Read Raw Press

                                                        2013       Kindle edition



The Year of the Loch



2017 Diehard Press


The Case of the Hungarian Foot              2011       Mx Publishing - Order on internet

The Case of the Antiquarian's Study        2012       Endeavour Press - Order on internet

The Case of the Missing Heiress              2012       Endeavour Press - Order on internet

The Case of the Highland Laird               2013       Endeavour Press - Order on internet 

The Case of the Peruvian Diamond          2014       Endeavour Press - Order on internet

The Case of the Drowned Man                2014       Endeavour Press - Order on internet


In 'The Case of the Missing Heiress', a Sunday afternoon of research for Sebastian Symes is shattered by the arrival of his old friend and family lawyer Ebenezer Bulrush.

He has lost an heiress to the Fitzwarton fortune and faces ruin.

The only man he can turn to find the missing girl and clear his firm's names is Sebastian Symes.

But the great detective soon finds himself embroiled in a tangled tale of love, deception and family feuds - and he will need to use all his wits to find a solution to one of the knottiest mysteries of his career.

'The Case of the Missing Heiress' is perfect for fans of Sherlock Holmes, Raffles and historical fiction.

But the trip is ruined by Symes' failed attempt to save an anonymous drowning man at the mercy of a storm at Needle Point. 

With murder and lies washing up at Wreckers Cove, will Symes be able to catch the culprit? 

The Case of the Drowned Man

Sebastian Symes and his loyal companion, Major Arbuthnot Ritson, set out to spend a seemingly uneventful few days aboard their trusted vessel, Aphrodite, in the calm South-West.