G. W. Colkitto

I have always wanted to write but life intervened and making a living interfered with that ambition.

Margaret, my wife, and I worked together for many years and when she died I decided that I could not continue on the same path. There was a story for children that I had often talked of writing. When I was asked what I would do if I did not go to work I said that I would write it. Having said it, I had to do it. I had the good fortune of a friend who went to a local writers group. There I found encouragement and three great friends, Mo Blake, Wullie Purcell and Ian Hunter. ( we, four, are Read Raw - www.readrawltd.co.uk)

I have had short stories and poetry in magazines and anthologies. I have published two poetry collections and a poetry pamphlet and was winner of the Scottish Writers’ Groups’ Showcase short story competition 2011.

The story for children is written, has been followed by another and a series of short stories for children, all seeking a publisher.

There are six Sebastian Symes Victorian Detective stories available on the internet as e-books, Mx Publishing/Endeavour Press.


The Year of the Loch has been published in 2017 by Diehard Press and is my collection of poems on Castle Semple Loch

I perform regularly in the Glasgow area on my own and as a member of Read Raw.


In 'The Case of the Missing Heiress', a Sunday afternoon of research for Sebastian Symes is shattered by the arrival of his old friend and family lawyer Ebenezer Bulrush.

He has lost an heiress to the Fitzwarton fortune and faces ruin.

The only man he can turn to find the missing girl and clear his firm's names is Sebastian Symes.

But the great detective soon finds himself embroiled in a tangled tale of love, deception and family feuds - and he will need to use all his wits to find a solution to one of the knottiest mysteries of his career.

'The Case of the Missing Heiress' is perfect for fans of Sherlock Holmes, Raffles and historical fiction.