G. W. Colkitto

Sebastian Symes wanders here, So does Ritson.  And probably some other people as well.

Sebastian Symes and Major Ritson

It all started with one of those mad thoughts which spring from nowhere.   I wondered what the strangest opening line would be.   Why I jotted down 'Whatever happened to the Hungarian Foot' I do not know.  I am grateful that I did.   It had an air of mystery and so I decided that it would be a detective story.   It sounded like a question I would have heard when studying history, Victorian probably, so the story had a period.

A Victorian Detective suggested a case for Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, but I decided that there was an alternative and thus discovered Sebastian Symes and Major Ritson.   I enjoy the world that they inhabit.  I hope that you will.   

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I have a set of three poems as a prologue.   The piece below is the foreword to the conversations.  

In 'The Case of the Missing Heiress', a Sunday afternoon of research for Sebastian Symes is shattered by the arrival of his old friend and family lawyer Ebenezer Bulrush.

He has lost an heiress to the Fitzwarton fortune and faces ruin.

The only man he can turn to find the missing girl and clear his firm's names is Sebastian Symes.

But the great detective soon finds himself embroiled in a tangled tale of love, deception and family feuds - and he will need to use all his wits to find a solution to one of the knottiest mysteries of his career.

'The Case of the Missing Heiress' is perfect for fans of Sherlock Holmes, Raffles and historical fiction.